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About Us

Brokerage Service Model

The Michigan Transportation Connection, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization transportation brokerage, is utilizing a very unique model for delivering Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and other specialized transportation services in the state of Michigan.

What sets Michigan Transportation Connection’s brokerage apart from private brokerages, is a business model that utilizes existing tax-payer funded infrastructure such as the United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Centers; Public Transit Mobility Managers; and Area Agencies on Aging Call Centers to serve as Mobility Management Call Centers. This model enables us to broker services economically and efficiently.

Business Promise

Unlike privately owned and operated brokerages with shareholders whose focus in on generating wealth, with operating costs increasing from year to year; Michigan Transportation Connection’s nonprofit status shifts the focus from profits to high quality service delivery.

Michigan Transportation Connection’s shareholders are the citizens of Michigan and its partners are the transportation providers that deliver services. To that end, we strive to use public and private resources to maximize existing taxpayer dollars to not only protect public transit provider interests as well as the interests of Michigan-based private providers, but to deliver the highest quality transportation services to every citizen.

Mobility Management Principles

MTC brokerage model uses the mobility management strategy of managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to customers by focusing on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers. Mobility Management focuses on coordinating these services and providers in order to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system for public policy makers and taxpayers who underwrite the cost of service delivery.

Because public transit agencies throughout the state have varying levels of capability with regard to service delivery, whether it be staff, fleet capacity, technology, service area etc., and because MTC will utilize existing infrastructure to broker NEMT and other trips, MTC’s will be housed in various locations throughout the state in order to:

  • Increase customer accessibility by matching their needs with available resources.
  • Increase the level of service coordination between transit and human service agencies.
  • Increase service quality, safety and delivery.
  • Simplify reservation scheduling process through one access point.
  • Use the most appropriate cost-effective transportation possible with available resources.
  • Decrease duplication of services.


Grants Issued to MTC

Superior Health Foundation

Portage Foundation

Michigan Health
Endowment Fund

National Rural
Transportation Program

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Foundation

Federal Transportation Administration/Michigan Department of Transportation

Lenawee County Foundation